Connelly "Habit" Surfer

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The Habit offers a fast reacting, skate-like feel. Zero bottom features and a single center fin make it easy to break free for spins. A relatively at rocker line lets you to float back on a wave or boost forward with a quick redistribution of weight. The Habit was built for technical riders or people who enjoy a looser feel. 

• Skim design
• Compression construction
• Polyurethane resin core
• 1 piece grip-lite EVA pad
• 1” center skim fin
• Designed for: Intermediate/Advanced

Size: 48" and 52"
Width: 20.50" and 20.80"
Volume: N/A
Rocker Height: 2.30"/0.10" and 2.35"/0.10"
48" Rider Weight: Up to 190 lbs, <190 lbs
52" Rider Weight: 160+lbs, >160 lbs