Connelly "Tsunami" Surfer

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The Tsunami has do-all capabilities for a wide array of sizes and skill levels. Three 1.75” tail fins make it easy to customize the board feel whether you like a surf style twin setup, or a single rear fin skim feel. Beginners looking for all the tracking they can get can utilize all three. Durable compression molded construction will keep this board in action for years to come.

• Hybrid design
• Compression construction
• Polyurethane resin core
• 1 piece grip-lite EVA pad
• 3 - 1.75” Skater tail fins
• Double edge rail
• Designed for: Intermediate/Advanced

• Size: 4'9"
• Width: 20.80"
• Volume: N/A
• Rocker Height: 2.50"/0.38"
• Rider Weight: One size fits all