Connelly "Surge" Jr Wakeboard Package

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Kids looking to up their game need look no further; the Surge has all you need to get on the right track. The subtle 3-stage rocker is designed to give a little extra lift off the wake at slower speeds to build confidence for young riders. 4x4 molded fins provide moderate grip and the removable center fin helps the board track straight without a lot of extra work.

The Tyke is specifically designed with a smaller footbed to accommodate your kid’s foot. Alleviate all of that hard work by using a boot equipped with Hinge Tech. The back of the boot opens up making it easy for the foot to slide into. Flip the hinge lever and the boot closes up securing the foot into place with all the support your youngster needs.

• Easy stable ride for kids
• System 80 core
• Full spine
• 4x4 molded fins
• 2 bolt on 1.9” center skater fins
• Designed for: Beginner

• Size: 125
• Center Width: 15.69"
• Tip/Tail Width: 9.50"
• Rocker Height: 2.15"
• Rider Weight: ≤ 130