Connelly "Standard" Wakeboard

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The easy going, natural carving style of The Standard is the result of design input from one of the smoothest, styliest riders around, Josh Twelker. This seemingly simple design excels on the water with subtle features blended together in perfect harmony. Shallow edge rails and channels add just the right amount of grip and control without adding a bunch of contour to slow the board down. Specially designed fins release easy, like molded fins, but can be adjusted forward or back to dial board feel.


  • Designed and ridden by Josh Twelker
  • Pro Core
  • Continuous rocker
  • Hybrid spine
  • 4 adjustable .7” easy-bite fins
  • Designed for: Advanced/Expert


  • Size: 139 , 143
  • Center Width: 17.52" , 17.62"
  • Tip/Tail Width: 12.09" , 12.16"
  • ​Rocker Height: 2.83" , 2.90"
  • Rider Weight: up to 160, <150