Aquapark 200

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The Aquapark 200 is our flagship park that has it all. It includes six Universal hubs that enable eleven different routes and activity zones.

Aquaglide components have always been designed to easily interconnect. As the inventors of the modular Aquapark system, any of our items have been able to connect using our exclusive Vario-Lock™ cinch strap system with our Runways and Swimsteps.

The all-new Patent Pending Universal™ Connection System allows unlimited park designs. This octagon shaped platform allows our Runway and Swimstep connections to connect to all 8 sides at once offering multiple angles and unlimited possibilities for Aquapark design. The universal can be used as a hub, a corner or anything in between. Park layouts can be changed quickly and easily which allows your Aquapark to evolve, so adding new exciting components are easy. With our system, you are able to start with our smallest Aquapark layout, and then use all the existing components as your Aquapark grows larger.

Our low profile Runway and Swimstep designs are much easier to board from the water than an i-beam product and far less likely to result in loss of balance.

3-year limited warranty against any defect in material or workmanship.


200-person maximum capacity. 

• Summit Express (1)
• Kaos (2)
• Catapult (2)
• Blast Bag (1)
• Foxtrot (4)
• King of the Mountain (1)
• Landing Pad (2)
• Event Tent (2)
• Delta (5)
• Freefall Supreme (1)
• Jungle Joe (1)
• Cyclone (2)
• Rebound 20 (1)
• Thunderdome (2)
• Runway 10 (12)
• Runway 20 (15)
• Universal (6)
• Swimstep XL (11)
• Sierra (2)
• Vista (1)
• Escalade Summit (1)
• Jungle Jim (1)
• Supervolley 30 (1)
• Walk on Water (2)

• L 161' x W 175' (L 49m x W 53m)
• Capacity: 200 Users
• Minimum Water Depth: 8'10 (2,7m)

*Installation and removal services are available from Phiinom. Please contact us to learn more.