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For maximum capacity in larger formats such as long course (50 meters) or waterfront use, the Aquaglide Challenge Circuit is sure to bring smiles! This Challenge Circuit is a proven performer that offers room for up to 60 users at once. Throughout the course, 4 ultra low-profile SwimStep XL platforms allow for easy entry into the circuit. The Tango will bring out the bouncer in adults and kids alike, while the Delta offers an exciting way to splash around. The challenging Sierra presents several activity choices: climb, balance, wriggle, or splash, and have a blast doing them all! Interior mesh floors create two separate splash zones. Moving on to the Vista brings a whole new set of options. 

Users can explore the inner passages or traverse the top. The Foxtrot presents a significant balancing challenge with no guarantee of staying dry! And the Runway is great as a fun walkway or slider in between other accessories. Interlock system allows you to easily connect and disconnect Aquaglide accessories.

60 Person Capacity. 42' Long x 32' Wide.

• SwimStep XL: 60"L x 78"W x 6"H
• Tango: 78"L x 78"W x 16"H
• Delta: 120"L x 78"W x 16"H
• Sierra: 120"L x 96"W x 44"H
• Foxtrot: 240"L x 78"W x 19"H
• Runway: 120"L x 60"W x 6"H

Featured Items:

• Delta (1)
• Foxtrot (1)
• Runway 10 (2)
• Tango (4)
• Sierra (1)
• Swimstep XL (6)
• Vista (1)

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