RAVE Sports 3-in-1 Paddleboard

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RAVE Sports 3-in-1 Stand Up Paddleboard is perfect for beginners offering options to sit, kneel or stand while paddling. Ideal for kids and families, the 3-in-1 is constructed of sturdy molded plastic designed for rugged environments. We feature the Lime Green board to stay flashy on the water and seen by boaters and other paddlers.

Sit, Kneel or Stand on this molded board that can be dragged over sand or rocks without worrying that the board is being damaged. Great for kids and families hanging around near the water simply enjoying themselves as they are fun bright colors.


• (9'7") x 32" x 7.8"
• Max Weight 230 lbs
• Low density polyethylene molded construction maximum UV resistance
• Board weight 46 lbs
• Textured surface design hides scratches
• Recessed foot pockets for sit-down-kayak-style paddling
• Unique 11' Stow-a-way-twist & lock dry storage compartment
• Drain Plug • Leg leash connection point